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Educational Technology (ET)



         Educational Technology (ET) is the efficient organisation of any learning system adapting or adopting methods, processes, and products to serve identified educational goals. This involves systematic identification of the goals of education, recognition of the diversity of learners’ needs, the contexts in which learning will take place, and the range of provisions needed for each of these.ET as an agent of change in the classroom, which includes not only the teacher and the teaching-learning process but also systemic issues like reach, equity, and qualitythe department ensures that ET reaches out to un-reached areas. It will carry out the following functions:-

  • To develop in collaboration with SIEMAT and KITE other resource persons , simple ,effective and low cost teaching -Learning materials for various subjects related to school education.
  • To maintain and update the website of DIET
  • To maintain and communication through Web media.
  • To maintain all AV equipment of DIET ,Computer lab , educational video/audio cassettes ,etc
  • To conduct appropriate training programmes for teachers in the areas of ET
  • To conduct training for ET club co-ordinators of Kasaragod District
  • To conduct training programmes for Pre-Service Teacher Educators and Teacher Trainees
  • To provide ET related inputs to all other activities of DIET