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District Resource Unit(DRU)


Narayanan E V

         It is the resource centre in the district to carry out the. Adult education activities to ensure the human and material resources of other faculties for its full fledged works. It has to carry out the following activities.

  • To serve as a nodal branch for organizingo Programmes of induction training and continuing education for the adult education workers.
  • To orient other personnels who use to organize such above mentioned activities out side the DIET.
  • To evaluate and monitor the quality and efficacy of the training programmes conducted fpr AE workers.
  • To maintain a data base on all AE personnels who undergone training.
  • To assist all other faculties of DIET in organizing such activities in the preparation of learning materials, evaluation tools , etc.
  • To under take research works related to AE activities with collaborative way with other branches of DIET.